Saturday, April 20, 2019

Right to Self Defence

Right to Self Defence

Why in News?

ThrightseldefencextendnoonltoneowbodbutprotecthpersoanpropertoanotherthSupremCourhainterpretethprovisionothIndiaPenal  Code(IPC).


Thcourt observethathrighoprivate defencextendnoonltthdefencooneowbodagainsanoffencaffectinthhumabodbualso tdefenthbodoanotheperson.
Thrighalsembracethprotectioopropertywhetheoneowoanothepersonsagainscertaispecified   offences, namely, theftrobbery, mischieancriminatrespass.
The court explained that the right does not arise if there is time to have recourse to the protection of the public authorities. Nor does it extend to the infliction of more harm than is necessary.
When death is caused, the person exercising the right of self-defence must be under reasonable apprehension of death, or grievous hurt, to himself or to those whom he is protecting, the court explained.

 Right to Self Defence

• Section9t10othIPdealwith thrighto   private defence.
• persowhfaceimminenanreasonabldangeof   losinhilifolimmay iaexercise oself-defence inflict anharevnext endintdeath ohiassailaneithewhethassault iattempteor directly threatened.



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